Majora – Aphotic (EP) 2017 – Birds Robe Records


The highly anticipated follow up to the ‘Iridescent’ EP does not disappoint.

‘Aphotic’ is a really unique body of work from them, not just another instalment of what we already like but will surely only propel them further into the spotlight.

It’s a very intriguing balancing act for Majora between the listeners anticipation and expectations and what the band is teasing and building towards. This sums up the experience of listening to Aphotic (in full) for the first time.

The band can get heavy and really dark at times and sure know how to write some devastating riffs but on Aphotic, they choose not to drop the hammer until just the right moment. A lot clean guitar and spacey/ambient ideas are employed through the material and whilst they do it so damn well…the whole time I found myself trying to pick the moment when it would all blow up. Let me assure you the crescendo’s are utterly bullshit. I could not stop smiling. Just don’t let that get in the way of appreciating the ground work they lay beforehand. Like enjoying the scenery on a drive to somewhere exciting!

The intricate and gentle guitar work, the pacing and structure of the songs, tempered and measured drumming all suggest the band might be prematurely settling down into some sort of Explosions In The Sky retirement but don’t be fooled. For more detail explanations of certain tracks I will defer to my earlier blurbs on the previsouly dropped singles ‘Tidal’ and ‘Aphotic’.

Production is again meticulous and near perfect. Everything is exactly how it should be. Kudo’s to Forrester Savell for the desk work that brings a crisp and punchy mix to life. It’s a really great sounding EP to crank up loud too. If for nothing else..enjoy the thick low end of the bass guitar which is utterly dialled and bordering on lead instrument territory at times. You seldom get to hear parts that range as much as with bands that can enjoy the freedom of letting their instruments carry the song. It is even less common to find a bass player that can do as much without overbearing or competing. Dude has nailed it. I would gush about all the incredible drumming too, huge guitars and gorgeous effects and sounds but all that is obvious. You need only press play to be amazed.

I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to know that the future of Australian music doesn’t rest on the laurels of artists (*loose term) like Confidence Man and The Dune Rats. This is massive!



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