Life Pilot – One (single) 2017


Hot damn, I need this for those mornings when the kitchen has no coffee. Talk about a smack to the face!

Life Pilot..a band from Adelaide who have been around a few years doing the heavy thing dropped this new track as a taster from a forthcoming EP ‘Too Hot For Killing!’ which will be set loose upon us all come Oct 13th.

The clip is a simple one…a single camera in the room spinning around capturing the band playing and thrashing away (bonus points for the awesome punk jumps!) whilst the vocalist is suspended upside down in the centre of the clip screaming into a mic. It’s black and white, no frills, short and sharp.

Like the song really. It wastes no time getting through the abrasive and jutting chords and riffs at break neck pace. The energy is high, the mix is tight and spot on.

It’s just over a minute long.. click the link and watch it. I get a big Chariot or Everytime I Die vibe off this and am genuinely keen to get my ears around the rest of it.

TBC I guess!



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