Majora – Aphotic (single) 2017


It’s been a while since we last heard from Majora with the previous track ‘Tidal’ and the newest offering form the Newcastle outfit has upped the game even further with release of ‘Aphotic’.  In short…its fantastic!The title track of the upcoming release due out September 15 is chock full of the technical mastery they have become known for but the pace and transitions leave the listener with plenty of time to adjust with what’s going on before it morphs and evolves. The added level of ambient wash and melodic overtones are a welcome element that compliments the driving guitars and ping-pong of delay.


Visually this is a stunning work full of stark contrasts and ambiguous imagery that seems to work in conjunction with the music and since there are no words to ‘tell you’ what it’s about, the viewer can interpret this for themselves; much like the music.

The combination of live and digital elements make this a noteworthy piece though with high production value. Not since Dumbsaint’s ‘Panorama…’ have I found an accompanying music video to be so engrossing. The narrative or story component follows a guy with a box, taking it to the sea and then releasing it’s contents with rather spectacular (if somewhat unclear) results. Sounds simple.. but just watch it.

As per usual, it’s all over too soon and I want more. If the intention was to generate interest in pre-ordering the full release…then consider me hooked.

You should do the same.

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