The Playbook – Reach (single) 2017


YES! They’re back!! Everything is going to be alright!

It’s been a while between drinks but now that they’ve gone and dropped this banger all is forgiven and we can get back to the good vibes.

It starts with the shredding and riff heavy opening, drums frantically pushing every accent and hit forward. Laura’s vocals are as energetic and tight as ever before, supported by the boys the chorus lands with the group vocals shouting ‘whoa-oh-oh-oh’ and it’s just gravy. (read: awesome) It’s over all too quick and has me reaching for the ‘repeat’ button instantly! Can not wait for an album!!!!!

Pop-punk had to make way for post-hardcore and the myriad of subgenre’s that followed in the wake of the heavy music’s resurgence. Only the strong survive in this new landscape and it simply isn’t enough to bust out a few magic-T chords with a punk beat, much like a few drop tuned djent’s cant make an impact anymore.

Thankfully The Playbook have not succumbed to nu-grunge or cashed in on the prolific emo-wave, adopted Axe-fx units and gone easy-core…nope..they’ve stuck to their guns and produced a heartwarming jam that gives up all the right goodies at just the right moments! This is gold!

And it’s free… have no excuse!

Go get it!

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