Balloons Kill Babies – Illuzia (single) 2017


Instrumental prog-rock with a touch of ambience from Brisbane based 3 piece ‘Balloons Kill Babies’. I cant go any further without first acknowledging the utter weirdness of this band name. It’s odd. Not one you’d quickly forget mind you and doesn’t sound like anything else.. so I guess there’s that. Now onto the music..

It starts with clean guitar picking through some tricky delay magic…dotted 8’s I think… very busy but without doing too much. Think U2’s Ping-Pong style guitar maxed out with repeats! The bass smashes all expectations as to what I thought was the runs and riffs compete in every way with the guitar parts blurring the lines between lead and supporting roles. It’s great!

The Dead Letter Circus comparison is immediate for me. Imagine my surprise to discover one of these guys used to play in DLC. If the shoe fits I suppose. I had no idea of the connection prior to hearing the track.

The arrangement is standard enough that you wont get lost in prog-land. Simple to follow and easy to enjoy this 3 minute jaunt has all the rock moments, build ups and highlights you could want! I’m instantly hooked. The trickery and musical wizardry is kept to a modest minimum on this song although its undeniably obvious that this outfit can get as technical as any. I’m genuinely looking forward to hearing more from these cats as an EP ‘Prodromal’ is set for release later in the year! Expect I will have more to say on that when the time comes!

So..a summary: BKB are another band to add to an ever growing list of instrumental/prog acts well worth checking out. A track as strong as this only goes to reinforce just how good we really do have it here in Australia. The fact that we are getting spoilt for choice is absolutely fine with me when it’s this good!

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