Nucleust – Lullaby Paranoia (single) 2017


Metal needs bands like this.

Here’s a nice surprise: a Australian progressive metal band that isn’t trying to be Periphery, TesseracT, Meshuggah or Dream Theatre! Still.. it’s fair to say they are treading the same well-worn path and instantly fees as though it belongs to the genre, that catch is how these West Australian’s have managed to do it in such a unique way that ‘Lullaby Paranoia’ feels fresh and inspired. That…is quite an achievement.

I listen through to this 6 times before starting to write anything, it’s so good!

Armed with the kind of mind-melting trickery and brutality of the aforementioned artists, Nucleust sound great recorded…the production on this track is world class, everything sits and fits just right. Guitars are massive, thick and tight, vocals are sheer, harsh and right up front. Drums crack and break through the mix in just the right ways and I think kudo’s to the engineer (Forrester Savell..should I be suprised?) for managing to afford the bass some room in the lower register without making it muddy. (*a fair challenge with this sort of music) It shines up loud too, not going to do it any justice through tiny phone speakers or shitty headsets.


The album ‘Terra Cerebral’ is out July 28, preorders are up via the bands website and this first taste is available as a free download. Go and get it NOW.

The band are hitting the road throughout August in support of the release so check out the dates and get to a show!



Check out their older stuff here:


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