Mass Sky Raid – Closer (single) 2017


Gold Coast outfit Mass Sky Raid have dropped another massive slab of melodic rock upon us. The track is a slower paced heavy hitter that leans heavily on the vocal melodies rather than technical wizardry despite the bands clear ability to prog-out and get tricky!

Adam’s vocals are outstanding (again) and hold true to the Dead Letter Circus comparisons they’ve earnt as he sings “feel the sun so far from home // do we belong // where do we belong”. The track features the familiar delay/ping-pong effects and enormous guitars, typically solid drums and tight low end. The production quality of the song, as with the previous single ‘Sacrifice’, is top notch and easily sits head and shoulders above so many other local artists. I cant wait to hear the rest of the album this belongs to.

This is the bands first clip despite having released a number of works before this and uses lots of that cool slow motion/but still in time style. I do like how the lighting and tone shifts for the last 1mintue of the song, adding to the tension of the build up. When the light kicks back in it adds to the punch of the final chorus. Nicely done.

So very keen for some more of this!

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