Tired Minds – Loom (2017) Art As Catharsis


This has become one of my favorite albums of 2017 so far.

Harnessing everything the powerviolence/hardcore/skramz genre has to offer and spinning a decent amount of punk and post-rock in between. There’s so much variety and range between the tracks on ‘Loom’ that I honestly can’t fault this.

The opening track ‘Low’ has its feet firmly rooted in hardcore/punk (read: its fast) but after a minute it breaks down to a soft lull, distant screams resonate in the background and then it all explodes into a wall of noise for a climax I can’t explain. If you’ve heard ‘Parting The Sea…’ by Touche Amore, then you’ll get the nod to that work immediately.

For reference I’d actually  say Touche Amore, Shizune and No Omega are good modern-day comparisons for the work on ‘Loom’. Converge and Orchid for older folks up the back with their arms crossed. It’s fast, frantic, melodic at times, chaotic at others. Dark and emotive without feeling superficial and honestly.. just overall amazing.

‘Worm of the Earth’ cascades with stabs from dissonant guitars, blasts on the snare, screams and then a mid-way tempo shift that gets into doom territory. The clarity and tonal quality of the guitars let you hear the chords and strokes whilst still delivering the thick deadly sounds required. Drums pierce through even in the midst of the sonic avalanche that falls so frequently on this album. Sonically this is on par with the best on the shelf.

The production actually is actually much one of the strongest selling points for me. A rare occasion in itself with so many artists in this vein preferring the harsh, raw and less polished mix. I’ve respected that tactic and even commended some for taking it (Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf T-Shirt, Diploid etc) in the past too. Tired Minds have had the good sense to spend some time and money to make sure everything gets it’s time to shine and actually sound good without compromising the integrity of the art.

A highlight moment (amongst many) on Loom is the track ‘Mona’ which sees the band casually churning through a series of chords, fills and slow-sad vibes accompanied by a spoken word (or sample?) of a woman sharing what sounds like a memoir. The build and climb continues with the introduction of vocals, a dragging rhythm that throbs and pulses into a huge chorus of voices. The woman’s voice returns as the band dies back down and the feeling is one of emotional exhaustion. It’s heavy without ‘really’ being that heavy. Standout track. Just fantastic.

Some of the more brief tracks (read: blasts and noise) such as Endless Throne & War on Film and even the title track Loom have all the markings of furious, violent live favorites. The energy and intensity is contagious…try not to listen to this at work. (*you’ve been warned)

Coming to the world from little ol’ Newcastle, I’m not surprised…seeing as there’s literally nothing to do there…that they should pen some of the most exciting screamo in Australia this year. If this band…like.. pretended to be from some place cool like ‘France’ or ‘Italy’ then there would be mad hype over this release. I fear that because of the locale and size of our little scene here…that they might be overlooked or missed entirely by the internet. This must not be.

Check out the ambiguous clip for the lead track ‘Midnight Men’ which is surprisingly one of the more ‘standard’ tracks on Loom. A more moderate jaunt that other material on the album but still no less intense capturing that essential abrasion and corrosive element towards the end.

This is an explosive and frantic album that must not be missed. I love this.

June 16 – it drops. Go pre-order this beastly thing from the good falks at Art As Catharsis and remember why you love brave Australian music that gives exactly 0.00 fucks about fitting in.



Go grab a couple of free tracks from here:


Follow their movements here:


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