Rachel Maria Cox – Emotionally Untidy (single) 2017


The first new music from the RMC camp since last years ‘I Just Have a Lot of Feelings’ ep, and this tune features much more of a rock-band vibe than the previously established clean & jangly guitars involved with Rachels indie-pop approach in earlier songs. Perhaps this is the natural flow on effect of gigging with a full-band lineup and building up a national profile as an artist. Whatever the case, im a fan.

The mix is solid allowing all the parts to have their moments and the energy is kept up throughout the near 4 minutes of bliss. The story telling and honest reflection remains in tact as heard in the closing lines:

“you gave me those books that say more about you than I could ever know. I went to read the second one and thought you had left me a note but it was just the form your ex-girlfriend signed when she moved out alone

Total winner, can’t wait to hear more from this talented no-BS artist who isn’t afraid to let the world in on some private and candid experiences. Will be looking forward to the album later in the year! Till then..

Check the video below featuring some adorable doggos and cats perspectives on regular human stuff. It’s a very DIY clip with heart and charisma!

Grab it or stream it from the links below:





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