Drown This City – Bend/Break (single) 2017


Well..if this isn’t a welcome step up for Drown This City! The new single ‘Bend/Break’ sounds better from a production value angle as well as song writing. Perfect. Pardon me waiter..we’ll order 9 more of these please to go, no more appetisers. Thanks.

I accept the straight up crowd pleasing intro with its group vocals and obviously mosh-friendly chugging..has to kind of be there. However I love the switch to double time in the middle with its fast paced shredding and drumming that kicks the intensity up a notch. Alex swings seamlessly from coarse screaming to well controlled singing in a way that would easily confuse people to think there were two vocalists. In fact there is another voice on this track being Matt Bean (guitar/vox) bringing the gutterals and a deep throaty growl. But that, really, is just icing on an already very enticing cake.

When they shine, they are blinding. The clean chorus is solid af, the structure and pacing is impeccable. This is the stuff I’ve been wanting to hear from them since the beginning. They really are contenders if there’s more where this came from.

Hang in there till the final act when things get low and nasty..conjuring memories of Northlane’s earlier (*and IMO superior) work. The low end is tight, the djent is..well very djenty..and it’s all sounding pretty promising!

This is the first new stuff we’ve gotten from the group since the debut breakout ‘False Idols’ EP. That was a great introduction and served the band well getting them oodles of kudos and a fair amount of live work to go with it. Now the production duties have been outsourced rather than keeping it in-house and working with Ted Furuhashi (Cirlces). This has made for a standout mix pairing bringing clarity and ferocity in equal portions to show us why people are backing this still relatively new act. Seriously. What a tune. This is gold.

Go get your earholes around it:



Follow them on tour and for updates and the like:



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