Set The Score – Homebound (single) 2017


Melbourne’s pop punk outfit Set The Score are setting high expectations for what is to follow if this first taste from the re-invigorated/re-energized band is anything to go by. Fingers crossed for a whole bunch more like this!!!

Firstly, the video. It’s creative, well lit, colorful and stylish. You see enough of everything to follow the narrative; vocalist David follows a girl around a topsy-turvy world and gets cockblocked at every turn by other characters. (sorry..but he does) Plus there’s plenty of the band playing and flicking hair/mic stands and guitars around too. Cos..of course.

The visuals don’t exactly match the lyrics or story telling behind the song BUT if I can reach for a link here it may be the concept of someone who remembers the honeymoon bliss of a healthy new relationship and then lamenting the place it has ended up. In this case, it’s a relationship that went down a dark path (drugs) and clearly left some scars for vocalist David Bell. I commend the him and the group on offering up a vulnerable and personal story to kick things off. Its even more pronounced when reading the lyrics.  I’d love to see the band take their platform and use to encourage real-talk about issues like drugs and relationships. In fact id love to see HEAPS of bands take the challenge. But..back on topic..

The ‘Alice through the looking glass‘ theme comes across loud and clear with the entertaining visuals and idea’s like escapism (the mirror), attraction and rejection, plus many other subtle characterizations of themes. It’s even clear in the single artwork.


The song…well it’s a fucking jam. I love it. Give me more. This is a definite improvement on the bands previous work which was already high caliber pop-punk and this just ice’s the cake. It’s got the hooks, melodies, up tempo into half time etc etc. It goes up, it comes down.

As I said.. I cant wait for more.

Get it here:

***And if you’re local (Melbourne, where all the good stuff happens) there’s a launch gig at the end of May worth checking out>>>>>


*** event link:


Check the bands other work here: (highly recommended)

Stalk them online here:

Buy shit from them here:


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