Kings – Never Alone (2017)



They come from Brisbane, 5 new faces armed with a shiny new full length that’s loaded with straight up melodic hardcore tunes that will satisfy fans of the old and the new.

‘Kings’ started kicking about in 2016, dropped a few tracks and got busy gigging while prepping this massive 11 track album. After only a short time with this work it’s hard to believe it comes from a new band rather than one of those legacy acts other artists site as influences. Remarkably vibrant, varied and intense from beginning to end ‘Never Alone’ is an absolute wrecking ball.

Tapping into the truest sense of passion and expression found in the roots of hardcore, Kings add positivity and genuine openness with their abrasive and turbulent music. The opening lines of ‘Stand Up’ ring true with ‘I will stand up and conquer my fears / I will stand up and live my dreams’.

It sounds like they’re doing exactly that.

The lead single ‘Stone Cold’ deals with being disappointed by someone to a breaking point. Lyrically it’s quite transparent and up front as Nat opens up with the lines ‘How many chances did I give you? / so many times you have stabbed me in the back’ venting his frustration and anger.

The stabbing guitars and droning notes that fill ‘What Flag Are you Flying?’ add to the dynamics and urgency of the bands sound. The clean chorus which is followed by a deep and dirty note bending breakdown prove the guys aren’t going to resign to any one element for their appeal. There’s a lot of changes and gear shifting going on in each track.

Guitars are harsh enough to feel real and not over produced, slammed to within an inch of their life. There’s a beautiful lull at the mid way mark on the album in form of title track ‘Never // Alone’ which uses some gorgeous shimmer/reverb and post-rock droning. The guitars have the stage here and it’s as atmospheric and beautiful as you’d want from any instrumental act. Well placed and well considered choice to utilize an interlude like that on an album as unrelenting as Never Alone.

Drums are fantastically balanced and brought to the front for optimum impact. There’s a great moment in ‘Rise Above’ when the drums roll out a pattern which is copied by the guitars. Standard call-and response stuff but the whole section explodes with a huge double kick fuelled break down and furious energy. Pit’s will love this stuff. You know what’s going to come when the band slows or stops and begins to drop moments like these.

Over all this is a fun album to listen to casually, not so much for the long haul. Songs do vary from the more metallic flavours through to the outright hardcore sound of way back. It’s a great tribute as much as it is a reflection of the bands influences. Strongly recommend this album for those looking for a bit of sincerity and honesty along with their cement and half a glass of water.

Good stuff. Will be a blast to watch these ball-tearing riffs live!

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