Gear Nerds – As Paradise Falls


As Paradise Falls, a Brisbane based metal outfit have just wrapped up a tour, dropped a crazy series of video’s supporting the release of the latest single ‘Star Blind’ and are prepping for the drop of a highly anticipated full length later this year. I got the chance to get nerdy with one of the members of the band during the run of shows and things get technical. It’s so great! World…meet Danny..he’s a gear nerd.

MIA: So for those reading we’ll start with introductions.. you are?

DK: My name is Danny Kenneally, I play guitar in As Paradise Falls.

MIA: Now ..give us a run down of the current rig!

DK: My current rig is an Ibanez RGA72QM. I switched out the stock pickups as they were fairly average in my opinion and replaced with a Di’Marzio Evolution in the Bridge inspired by my Steve Vai Ibanez JEM 555 that I use at home and in the bridge I’ve got a Di’Marzio D’Activator in there and I’m really digging the combo. We play in Drop A so I use D’Addario EXL 158’s which are light Baritone strings 13-62. Due to our low tuning and using 6-String standard scaled guitars, its necessary for such thick strings to keep the tuning in order, I know we’re looking at getting some baritone guitars at some point so we can relax the thickness of the strings so we’ll see where we go with that.

2017-04-07 18.17.54

I run AxeFx II Mark II into a JBL PRX 615M which I really love. I use a Line 6 G90 Wireless which has never failed me with a metal pack (not plastic) and an LED screen with info such as battery life etc which is a life saver on tour!

2017-04-07 18.16.00

Jimmy runs a LTD H-351 NT, same strings as me and stock pickups in his guitar, however I know he’s interested in upgrading very soon. He runs AxeFx II and a Line 6 G50 Wireless. Jon on bass has recently upgraded and got himself an amazingly good sounding rig. He uses an Ibanez SR505 bass into a Darkglass Microtubes 900 which sounds incredible. When home he runs a TC Electronics BC410 cab too.

2017-04-07 18.17.09.jpg

On Drums Christian runs a great sounding Mapex Saturn IV kit with Sabian  AAXplosion cymbals and Pearl demon direct drive pedals. He uses a Mapex Sledghammer (appropriately named) snare with a Evans 360 dry snare skin which sounds huge and suits our sound to a tee. Evans G2 skins on the toms and Promark select balance sticks.

2017-04-07 18.16.14

Shaun on Vocals uses a TC Helicon Voicelive Rack which we just use for some FX such as verbs, delays, comp etc. It’s a great unit and portable which is perfect for tour on a budget.

In terms of live sound, all our patch changing (Axefx & Voicelive Rack) is midi controlled from our Pro Tools laptop setup. From here we have pro tools running the click tracks and certain parts of songs through to our drummer in his ears and we have an out to the PA running all of our live samples and any ambience/SFX needed for live and its all split through a small Behringer mixer. We also have a Roland SPDS X running a trigger for the kicks and has any backup stuff we need etc.

2017-04-07 18.18.27


MIA: Oh man…that is really serious!!! Is this the same as it’s always been or has it evolved over time? What’s the story there?

DK: We have definitely spent a long long time evaluating our rig in trying to make it as portable as possible but also keeping the sound quality there. We’ve been on tubes before and we’ve ran a smaller rig but I think right now we’ve got a solid rig for our purposes. I know over time it’s only going to expand, chop and change and I think all players can agree that there’s no such thing as too much gear or too much time spent playing with different gear haha!!!

MIA: Yeh I agree that more is more!! So do you have to trim it down for touring and gigging? Has that sort of activity changed the way you approach your set up? There’s quite a big difference from home/studio playing to live on stage gear!

DK: Yeah for sure, because travelling in Australia to each city is no small task, all bulky and heavy gear must be chopped. We are based in Brisbane so we basically fly most places meaning things like our powered speakers for the AxeFx’s are un-necessary due to weight. Luckily we fly with Virgin who have a great musicians program setup giving you massive baggage allowance domestically which helps a lot. We will basically take a minimal rig on tour but it seems to work great for this stage of things with minimal issues on the road. Our approach is basically quality, efficiency & consistency when it comes to touring.


MIA: Ok, let’s take a step back. What was your first guitar/amp set up?

DK: First proper guitar and amp setup was my Tanglewood TSE605 into a line 6 spider 212 which I still have and use as a practice amp from time to time.

MIA: Best purchase? Have you got a great ‘bargain/steal’ story to share>?

DK: I have a bunch of best purchases, main one being my Ibanez JEM 555 that I got when I was about 15/16 (9+ years ago). That thing is so worn in on the neck right now that it’s just heaven to play. I also put a genuine Floyd in there too and removed the stock Ibanez one which was rusted out from playing live. Best move with that one!

In terms of a bargain/steal story that’s my JBL PRX for sure. Back in the day me and my old guitarist put some cash together and went around Brisbane looking for these, price matching every store. Luckily we came across a store in Kedron that had a couple sitting out back they couldn’t get rid of so we got two for a great price, stoked!

2017-04-07 17.13.28

MIA: Now..because GAS is a thing, what’s on your wish list for future purchases?

DK: On my future wish list there’s two big items I want. A baritone guitar, probably looking towards Mayones on that, they produce some beautiful guitars with great sounds. Also on my wish list is an Avalon V5 or a Matrix GT1000FX-1U.


‘As Paradise Falls’ have their debut album slated for a 2017 release and we cant wait to hear it. The first taste of the upcoming album was released earlier this year, check out the vid and the short prequel vids that come along with it!!!


Hit the links and see where you can catch them putting all these toys to good work!!! We’ll check back in when the album is on the way!


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