Cloud Tangle – Pocket (EP) 2017


Amber has too much time on her hands. The beautiful and restrained melancholy is captured across 8 pieces of slow ambient music filled with reverb, delicate guitars, shimmering cymbals and minimalist drums, swelling bass and droning keys.

This really has the whole array of elements you would expect from any big name post rock act and yet this EP titled ‘Pocket’ was born in a bedroom, created by one person. Assumedly one very sad..lonely and desperate for some company at the bottom of her well. Like the sirens of fairy tales calling sailors to their ruin, so too ‘Cloud Tangle’ lure listeners down, down to the gloomy depths if you let it.

Ambers voice is soft and well presented despite the favourably lo-fi nature of the recording. She sings with a lightness and clarity that helps convey the feeling but leaves enough room for the melody to linger and resonate. I especially liked the little sounds which have been left in, the shuffle in a seat, a breath, the click of a button..stuff like that makes it feel real. The small but unmissable noises help return the listener from ethereal-music-space at the end of the songs. Like waking from a dream.

Her music is accompanied by a visual component too. Although not included in the release of the Pocket EP some evidence is on YouTube and no doubt would be worth experiencing live.

The digital version of the release is a four track offering. Super good.

The one you WANT…is the Cassette Tape with its 4 bonus instrumentals songs on the B-side. Being released by Valley Heat records in Brisbane, this would be the version to nab.


Go give it a spin over here and  

follow Cloud Tangle on facebook….

AND AND AND find other cool new local music at Valley Heat’s page below:


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