Digging through gumtree looking at gear…I came across a really cool looking pedal and noticed it was handmade in Melbourne and put it on my ‘watch list’ which should actually be called the ‘cant afford but still want it list’. I later discovered through a recommendation that the pedal belonged to a builder who was based locally (to me) and is making amps, pedals and mods from home.. so naturally I had to get in touch!!

So world.. meet MEDOR!

MIA: Ok, for those who are not familiar with the name and label.. tell us who you are and what you do!

JM: My name is Julian Medor, I run a small time business that builds, repairs & mods amplifiers & pedals. I also play in Pegbucket, I Am Duckeye & Bosozoku Ryder.

MIA: I noticed a unique looking pedal on your page, tell us all about it!

JM: The Hurt Circuit was a pedal I built for myself at first. Something to generate & wrestle with noise & feedback live. Eventually I decided it would be the first one I would put out under my name.

MIA: The faux-relic rusty finish is super cool. It’s actually what first caught my eye when trawling through stuff on gumtree!! Is the ‘Hurt Circuit’ going to be the only one or do you have plans to make some other types?

JM: I’m currently working on a pre amp/ boost/ dirtbox that can be adjusted for pristine hi fidelity sounds to worn out dirgy sounding boosted tones. The aesthetic of the enclosure will follow a similar path as the Hurt Circuit.


MIA: OK.. switching focus for as second..tell us about your amp building side. How did that get started?

JM: It all started when I bought my first vintage fender amp quite a few years ago. I became obsessed with vacuum tubes & its origin in rock music. I spent a lot of time reading & doing correspondence courses & worked along side a veteran tech. I also went to America & spent a week with an amp builder building my very first tube amp. I enjoy repairs & modifications. The day I can start to work from home permanently in a dressing gown is when I know I’ve reached my goal as a self employed human being.

MIA: So how long would you expect to spend building an amp from start to finish?

JM: It really depends, it can take any where between a couple of weeks to a couple of months, since I’m a one man show with a day job & consistently playing in 2 bands.

MIA: Whats the hardest thing about it? Like do you tolex and paint the cabinet/housing as well?

JM: The hardest thing about it is waiting on parts from overseas when you just want to get stuck into it. I have a cabinet maker & tolexer now. I like to just focus on the electronic side of it.


MIA: Where to next for MEDOR? Will we see your creations in shops or at guitar shows sometime??

JM: Maybe next year. I was meant to stock a bunch of FuzzZone mods I do to the metal zone at Found Sound but they would get bought up before I could get them there. I seem to be doing alright on my own so far. If I got approached by a shop, I wouldn’t say no.

MIA: Good to hear, hopefully some shop owners take note!!! Last question…i always ask it. What’s your advice for anyone looking to try their hand at gear making?

JM: Just fucking dive straight into it! Except if it’s a live amplifier. I wouldn’t encourage that if you have no experience. Lose hours of sleep & time researching & figuring things out when projects don’t work the first time. Enjoy keeping your neighbours up at all hours of the night.



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