COPIA – EPOCH (2017)


COPIA straight up deliver.

The Melbourne based 4 piece have some great songs, genuinely memorable hooks and choruses to sing along with and the great sounding production on EPOCH leaves a lot of the current crop well behind. For once the bass is clear, thick and present in the mix, guitars are a-typically massive and thick..drums have the crisp clarity and punishing depth to blow out your speakers if you turn it up too loud. Quality…just quality!

Vocalist Andrew Bishop deserves immediate credit for his work on EPOCH. It would not be the album it is without his duality on the mic. In one breath he’s singing in a clearly taught and yet gruff/hoarse style..completely serving the melody and intention of the part. Then in an instant he switches to become the mouth-piece of Mordor and brings the darkness and aggression of to the front.

For all the tricks and riffs, great breakdowns and big grooves (and boy are there a lot to enjoy!) it’s fair to say that without such an outstanding performance up front, the bands whole appeal would be less. Well executed sure, creative in parts and very cool in others..but none the less familiar.

There’s no getting around the fact that so many bands today are still heavily influenced by the great Djent-wave of the last 10+ years and so now we have this repeatedly familiar sound popping up. COPIA have it too. Sorry, they do. Tune down low, compress high gain amps, chug and shred, mid tempo/halftime changes, melodic reverbs over heavy chords, polyrhythm’s and staccato attack. You’ve already heard this.

I’m a critic, I don’t have time for derivative genre-copy cats. As a result I will pass on a lot of submissions to the site for review because I’s be the same old same old. If..however..there are quality songs to go along with those crushing riffs, axeFX’s plugins and computer drums then alrighty..lets give it some love.

With EPOCH, luckily there’s a lot to love about this album, this band and these songs.

The current single ‘Never Forget’ starts with a great trade off between snare rolls and a chugs. The clip shows a whole range of pics and footage from their adventures across Europe which is a nice personal touch. Also ..couldnt help notice a nice Mike Mushok Baritone PRS in the clip..sick.

Stick around for the bit at the end where the band is selling t-shirts at a festival. It’s a great bit, huge respect for the effort.

Another really strong song that you should check ‘Disconnected’. This is easily my favourite track from the album. It’s opening onslaught and speed grabs attention for it’s urgency and heaviness but the chorus which follows is so powerfully potent. The combination of riffs, creative use of effects in the mid-way lull, the build ups and pace changes are led by well-considered drumming and tasteful composition by the band. The end of the song closes out with a choral-chant and ambient melody that quite frankly ..had me scrambling for the ‘repeat’ button. This song alone should sell this band. Listen:

(or grab it from here for free )


So here’s the closing blurb. COPIA are really good at what they are doing. This album is fucking tops.

2017 is theirs.


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