Cobra – Gloom (single) 2017


Got 6 minutes to spare to listen to some really exciting and fresh prog/rock from Adelaide? The 3 piece out of Adelaide have packed this jam full of serrating riffs and jarring rhythms. It’s an assault on your ears. I love it.

To be fair a certain amount of the sheer abrasiveness comes from the production and love of fuzz pedals I assume. The guitar is so unrestrained and wild that it feels like it’s clipping or blowing out your speakers (or ear canal if you choose to listen with headphones as I did) and the bass is so phat, punchy and pronounced that you wonder if they actually tried to limit the thing at all? All good things mind you!

Drums have the presence and liveliness to feel natural and cut through to effectively lead the tempo changes and provide some context to what the hell is going on!

The unashamedly raw (but not lo-fi) approach to a style of music that is typically quite controlled, meticulous and produced is perhaps the most interesting thing about this. Yes the music is cool, feeling more like a medley of sweet riffs and chords, leaning heavily on rhythm rather than crazy tapping and pedal trickery.. this is open and free sounding. No chugs and djent, no layers of ambient verb’ and delay.. just the three dudes making noise.

There’s an album’s worth of this stuff coming.. and I for one can not wait to hear a bunch more from these cats. The album ‘Locking Tusks with Creation’ comes out later this year!  

Picture – Nathan Dior (nice pic too man!)


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