Terra – Watercolour (single) 2016


Introducing Terra.

Smooth pop hooks with the backing of an energetic punk-rock band finding their feet.

‘Watercolour’ is the latest taste of an upcoming EP titled ‘Wasted Days’ from Melbourne’s ‘Terra’, a 4 piece pop-punk outfit that honestly has more appeal and style than a lot of the other players on the ground at present.

What’s working is the solid chord based rock and the neat little riff that highlights the whole progression in the verses. The slick production (oh and I mean sliiiiick!), the tasteful and well presented drum/bass combo who are super locked in and tight sounds great.

Vocally Cassie is a confident voice and her range is noticeably strong and controlled making it easy to hear each word when needed and feeling the punch of those choruses. There’s a screamed vocal in the background which maybe doesn’t need to be there…but it also suggests that these kids are easycore fans who wouldn’t mind at all if they copped a comparison to a heavier Paramore/Tonight Alive etc etc.

Either way this is pretty neat and the EP seems well worth watching out for. Check the previously released track ‘Talk Is Cheap’ for another solid offering of super catchy pop-punk and further evidence of easycore-influences..which I do not mind at all.

There’s two tracks up to stream here:


You can pre-order the EP from there too of course…or iTunes (see below)


Follow em on le socials here:


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