Mirrors – Fools Paradise (2017)


Melodic metalcore from Melbourne (*cough Gippsland *cough) with a solid message aimed at empowering young people and socially conscious listeners.

This will fit right in with fans of the status quo shared amongst the big hitters in the heavy scene. ‘Mirrors’ combine harsh screamed vocals and sung chorus hooks a la’ INHEARTSWAKE, Polaris etc and let it be said that there are quite a few rich melodies and moments to enjoy here.

Musically it’s a tight and punchy assault full of staccato djent riffs, big low tuned guitars and the post-rock influenced reverbs and clean tapping for ambience and texture. So..everything sounds pretty ‘standard’ right? Well..yes..it kind of is these days so when it comes to fitting in BUT standing out amongst the crowd at the same time you have to have something special going on.

What has me impressed is that the attention to songwriting rather than flashy technicality or brutally heavy riffs. This is hands down the strongest facet of the band and it is well executed on ‘Fools Paradise’. The EP also features a couple of cool guest vocalists including Davis from Belle haven and Zach from Dream On Dreamer

Opening track FYA (F*ck Your Arrogance) is up on the bands Unearthed page…


But the second taste of the upcoming release ‘Tie The Lace’ .(below) really cements the whole thing for me.

The overall package is a fairly accessible one, the band never gets too tricky or ambitious and the arrangements thankfully keep to the point rather than dragging on. 6 songs (20+ minutes)  is easily enough to attract interest and keep your attention and if they can deliver this intensity and consistency in a live setting there might be a new contender on the scene. Well worth keeping an eye on these cats.

The whole thing drops March 17…Pre-order it here:


Follow them here:


Buy stuff from here



RIYL: Ocean Sleeper, Polaris, INHEARTSWAKE, Helions etc


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