Recovery Room – A Lesson in Letting Go (2017)



Oh the nostalgia is strong on this one. Sounding like a cross between Death Cab For Cutie and Basement…the mid 00’s emo vibe is waaay big on this release and will resonate with anyone who enjoys the melodic heart-on-the-sleeve sound associated with it. It’s far from a rip off though, not a derivative genre copy. It’s a worthy new addition. I am all about this.


The opening track ‘Departure’ starts softly and gently. The lone guitar picks a chord sweetly and vocalist Dylan gives a sincerely death-cab-worthy verse (read: chill and quiet). Before much else the band blooms into a wall of guitars, drums and melody which serves the song really well but ends too soon after. It’s a big full sound, mixed well and honest enough to hear the bands parts, the strokes and strums. No trickery or super-perfect patchwork here, it’s a great performance and keeps all the rough edges.


‘If we cant live together..’ luckily picks up the energy that the previous song left off and takes it higher. It’s an immediate track, hooks are well set in the forefront and the pace makes it the most urgent offering on the EP. Again the song ends just short of satisfying and lands in the ‘not quite enough’ category. I’m feeling a theme here.


#3 ‘Wires to Anywhere’ is a more tempered track. The space and breaks that set up the build and eventual ending are well executed. That build up is essentially the pay off and reminded me a lot of melbourne’s CERE’s for comparison.


Closing track ‘Is This Unreasonable?’ feels like a warmer song, the sad/rock vibe takes a back seat (but not for long) and the band play with some beautiful clean guitars, noodling and tapping and a subtle post-rock ambience. The lyric at the centre of the songs massive ending ‘If youre better off/If im better off/goodbye/and I wish you well’ is going to hit you in the feels and likely see crowds singing it back at them at shows. It’s the kind of anti-anthem that would make it onto a t-shirt. It’s again..all over too soon and I wanted at least 5 more minutes of this. At least.


Whilst only featuring 4 songs (it is just an EP after all), the material on ‘A lesson in letting go’ is very engaging and well written if not a little too careful and perhaps cut short of its full potential. On the flip side it could be argued that giving the listener too much of a good thing robs you of repeats and the desire to come back for more.


I say all this only because what is on offer here is simply awesome and it’s all over far too soon. To be clear I had to listen to the EP in its entirety not  less than 8 times before taking up the task of writing about it. If the intention behind the arrangements was to leave the listener wanting more..than mission accomplished. I want more. I’m hooked. This is great.

I encourage you to check this out, grab it from their bandcamp and chuck em a like on facebook. Totally totally worth getting behind if you are fan of  CERES, Crusch, We Set Sail, The Comfort or non-aussie bands like Pity Sex, Hotelier, Basement, Death Cab (early years) and the rest.



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