HINTERLANDT – Ode To Doubt (2017)

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Hey all, so for today’s review we have the mesmeric new release from Sydney Post Chamber outfit, Hinterlandt!

This latest release “Ode to Doubt”, follows on from the 2016 release “ensemble” and continues on with the current format of Hinterlandt as a 4 piece ensemble of guitar, horns, percussion and strings. With the lovely welcome addition of vocals across a couple of the tracks.

So whats exciting here is being able to trace the path of a creative person between records (ensemble and Ode to Doubt). Now for all marketing buzzwords a review could use about things being more focused, more primitive, more etc etc, the tangent a creative goes down when judging one  their personal landmarks is a multifaceted one and it’s usually looked at across a couple landmarks in time (For themselves personally). Now I don’t know exactly what the genius composition of hinterlandt intended to achieve from the follow up to Ensemble in any real terms but basically to my ear, I hear  shorter compositions, a more “pop” sensibility in the parts where it wants to be more pop (Brian Campeau and Nicole Smede’s vocals on the album are so well done on this part, particularly on chase a dream) and naturally to totally juxtapose that, the more intentionally chamber oriented sections are even more dizzying and meticulous than on the previous release.

This to me is the true nature of creating good art, there’s so much progression between these records and ode to doubt is such a good document of where these people are at in this time. It’s exhilarating to hear something so conscious of what its doing and so esoterically enjoyable.

Also worth mentioning and I touched on this with the sonic moon release the other week,  follow hinterlandt through their exploits for a few minutes online and you’ll see a band that gigs hard and makes consistently good records but isn’t a part of the cringey yuppster fest that is modern classical music. The fact this band is a part of the Australian alt scene and seems to come from a pretty independently driven background is really inspiring once again. It proves you don’t always need to sell on the desire to explore composition to be heeps DIY and honestly the freedom and (dare I say it) punk like destruction of stuffy concepts of perfection on display is outstanding. That isn’t to say every performance isn’t outstanding, but to my ears it comes from a wavelength of sincerity that classical musicians playing Mozart pieces note for note will never ever be on.

Also I should probably take a second to give some kudos to Art as Catharsis for constantly championing not just the usual heavy punk/hardcore bands but also artists like this or Zeitgeber (who I’ll be reviewing sometime next week).

So please check this record out, the lyricism is personal and witty, the composition is unparalleled, it’s just a fantastic little record.



photo credit ‘A Lizards View’

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