Sleepmakeswaves – Tundra (single) 2017


The swirling synth lines and guitar tones that open up our first taste of new music from Sleepmakeswaves since 2014 are familiar and yet uncertain. You just don’t know where it’s all going to go and it doesn’t take long to ease that tension.

The track erupts into a melodic rock passage that reassures any doubts that this band are well aware of what makes them so loved. The bass guitar is noticeably better represented in this mix (when compared to Love Of Cartography) and the overdrive/snarl of that bass chasing the guitar lines and diving from note to note is just great. Tundra is an explosive first taste that leaves me gasping for more. Instantly.

The usual flair for dramatic and uplifting lead lines and huge chords is on display and fans will feel right at home with it. The latter part of the song re-introduces the little glitch/lo-fi drum loops that were featured throughout the bands previous material (so I guess it’s here to stay?) and the clean guitars and oceans of reverb carry it out to rest.

If anything the track is a great chunk of post-rock that actually rocks. It’s not a complicated listen, no math/prog barriers to’s just a great piece.


Pre-orders are up for the album Made of Breath Only’ which hits March 24  after a very successful crowd funding campaign which contributed significantly to getting this album made and you can expect more coverage on that monster when it gets here.

The band are also touring for the rest of their you’ll be spoilt for choice as to when you can go see this fantastic unit bring the sound to stages across Australia.


Links…go get on  it!


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