Boris The Blade – Warpath (2017)


‘Warpath’ is full of brutal, fast and engaging technical death metal. The follow up to Boris The Blade’s 2014 release ‘The Human Hive’, this is metal for the metal fan…and it’s incredible.

When approaching a band like Boris, you have to know right from the beginning that this is going to be a seriously nasty affair. The band doesn’t play around with niceties and pleasantries. Rather they go straight for face melting extremes which leave you gasping and clutching your ears.

Warpath’ is an intense album and I found the material more musical than I had first anticipated from a band notoriously associated with dischordant riffing, gutterals and pit scorching blasts. As much as there is evil and dissonance oozing from every crevice here, there is also melody. Melody enough to keep me engaged for the full 10 songs.

Guitar work on Warpath is simply extraordinary. Easily the most immediate factor that impresses, Josh and Cameron have executed some blistering and furious work here. The blend between sheer speed and finesse is something aspiring guitarists can only hope to achieve. First impressions bring up comparisons to late Red Shore material, Thy Art is Murder and other mainstays of Aussie death, but for all its similarities..i like this better.

Drumming is well on par with the high level of musicianship and prowess. Blast’s a plenty, enough double kick to rupture a spleen and some spectacular fills and creative flair to impress even the toughest critics. Speed is not an issue here. If you want fast, this is fast. Interestingly Karl knows when to ease off and let the part play out rather than dominating the scene, his experience and tasteful playing showing maturity and control.

On vocals, there are a variety of things to say. Some good, some .. interesting.

Daniel has the pipes to conjure dark, murderous and nasty images. For what it’s worth, it’s right on point with what one might expect. The vocal production is really good on Warpath, enough to say that a large majority can be heard clearly and understood to some extent. Lyric sheets will still be needed but to a lesser extent than some others. I enjoyed the range and dynamics used across the album. He never stays to long with one approach and mixes it up. Another gold star for the band in keeping it interesting. Where I struggled was with the hushed/spoken word moments. I could not shake Korn/Jonathan Davis comparisons. It’s really contrasting and stands out quite a lot. It’s unknown if this was purposeful or merely an innocent by-product of trying something different but it’s certainly a distraction.

Each track feels like an achievement in itself. The music and arrangements sprawl across sounds ranging from the utmost evil black metal/death metal to djent fuelled staccato moments and a lot of surprise’s throughout. This is an epic album full of technical mastery and intense moments that keeps it interesting enough to maintain even a causal metal fans myself. This all drops in full on the 27th, pre-orders are up and the band have dropped two tracks from it to check out.. cop them at  the bandcamp below. This is so good!


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