SHIT NARNIA – Spank Rock Tour Diary 2015 (Single Review)


Lovely, so hey all again. Today I’ll be keep it short and sweet for the single review for the perth noisy sad punx “shit narnia”.

The band has this week released a new single called spank rock tour diary 2015 which they’ll be touring off the back of.

So the other night after getting the message on our site, I listened to this band properly for the first time, going through their past couple EP’s. I’d heard the name come up at shows and thought it was sort of a entertaining moniker but hadn’t really thought much more about it as obviously we end up listening to a tonne of music at MIA. Anyways I’m glad to have had an excuse to check them out because their prior releases up till this single have seemingly all been really fucking cool. It seems to be in the ballpark of more modern noise rock which is less blatant albini/touch and go worship and more in the vein of bands like pissed jeans. Which is really cool,bands like Burlap out of Sydney do it really well and take the genre further in my opinion. What I like about Shit Narnia outside of their existence in that realm, is that the music seems to have to tinges of 90s emo punk/math rockness and early 2000’s melo hardcore (which is obviously not that exciting a concept when everyone does it nowadays) but to shit narnias credit they do it in what at least to my ears feels like a pretty idiosyncratic delivery.

On their latest single Spank Rock, the band seems to embrace it more than they had on earlier releases. To the benefit of the whole schemozzle. Also worth mentioning is unlike some melo hardcore bands, this band talks about real shit in a much more sincere way, they seem to navigate talking about queerness, existential bummers, emotional issues and just feelin’ like scum in a much more honest and aesthetically driven light than is normal of the hardcore scene.

Anyways, if spank rock tour diary is anything to go by. It’s extremely likely that  whatever longer release they put out next ( which I think might be happening this year) will probably be one of the better records to keep an eye out for. If any of the other MIA writers are reading this, I call dibs on  reviewing it.

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