Ocean Sleeper – Six Feet Down (EP) 2016


Aussie metalcore with all the polish and shine that’s become standard. Thankfully they’ve also included excellent songs with their riffs and pit churners. SO maybe it’s not so standard after all? (ooh burn!)

It’s great to say that we’ve churned out some terrific artists on a worldwide stage (Amity Affliction/In Hearts Wake, Storm The Sky/Dream On Dreamer, House Vs Hurricane etc) over the years but there’s so little innovation in the genre anymore that the younger bands which follow are often just derivative versions of the master model. The only time this sort of stuff gets my attention is when the band takes a risk and tries something really different …OR…has paired good song writing with the style.

Ocean Sleeper takes the song writing path and totally nail it. There’s no point trying to talk this EP up as anything particularly ground breaking or challenging. What it does achieve though across the 6 tracks is a solid listen through with some fun riffs instead of brain-teasers, some peaks and lulls that don’t rely on 2 minute post rock interludes and finally some feel good sing-along choruses which suit the songs really well.

The first two tracks connect seamlessly and were clearly written to be one piece. If you are not watching your screen/track counter you won’t even notice the change.

The vocal duties largely are clean and strong with the melodies ..for most of the time. A switch to the expected heavy/screamed vocal comes in due course but it’s good to see different vocals being used for effect tastefully and not done to death.

Track #3 ‘Hold On Stay With Me’ has a haunting tag at the end of the song where a group chants the tag line ‘don’t give up/we need you/here with us now’ and the feeling connects brilliantly with the material that has come before it. The melancholy and emotion lands with impact and doesn’t try to sound forced or over-the-top. It reminds me of Amity’ without sounding so contrived and boring.

The closing track ‘Six Feet Down’ pretty much sums up the bands vibe/message and energy. The chorus is a winner > ‘When all hope is lost and life turns to dust, stay strong when the world just weighs too much, and I know its hard to have hope, when you’re feeling six feet down” It reflects that there are hard times, there is hope and that is worth saying.

It’s easily one of the most polished and refined local releases I’ve heard this year and with that must come some kudo’s for a job well done. The lack of innovation, boundary pushing means for a lot of potential listeners this will likely fit in the ‘meh-talcore’ category cos it’s not math enough, no ‘Breeeeeeeee’ or insane blast beats to be found…lol. I’ll challenge my fellow music snobs to scratch beneath the surface and give this a chance, I really quite liked it and I think you will too.

This EP drops in January to coincide with the bands appearance at Unify. The crew have chucked up a track to wet your whistles .. and will leave you wanting more!

Find em on the socials here:


Merch and things can be bought here:



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