Siberian Hell Sounds – SVENGALI (2016)


Blackened hardcore/crust with a touch of metal. Hell yes.

There’s a sheer abrasiveness to this music from the Brisbane based 3 piece.

It’s dark and brooding in parts where the build-up warrants it or in other sections when a short reprieve is given from the blasts and screams, but the most immediate impression that Siberian Hell Sounds give is one of completely uncompromising darkness and intensity.

The explosive blasts of track #2 ‘Seed’ (personal favorite) with it’s minor chords and blast beats give off a fearsome impression but thankfully doesn’t stays too long in just one camp. Siberian Hell Sounds switch gears from hardcore/crust to black metal seamlessly. In one part the foot is tapping along and head bopping, then it snaps back to a bleak and utterly evil black metal moment. The end of the track even finds them droning over two chords for almost a minute until it bleeds to death at the 5:20min mark. This is excellence.

The EP closer and title track ‘Svengali’ is another great example of the way the band incorporate the multiple elements in their sound. The start is all business with the double time drums, shredding guitars and shrill vocals. The beat down that follows is sure to set pits on fire with circles and frenzy. The break mid way goes slower and more doom than other songs get. The deep groove the band sets up suits the sound so well. The hardcore inspired riffs almost had me chucking windwills in the office. So good! The added bonus comes as slow burn out of noise and feedback decaying out to silence for 30 seconds at the end. (BRB> Dying)

These steps create not only the furious tension but also manage an atmosphere of aftermath and deflation making this one of the best heavy releases I’ve covered all year.

It would be easy to imagine ‘SVENGALI’ getting distributed through a label like Deathwish or Throatruiner to the broader US/European audiences who would absolutely lap this up. It instantly brought to mind comparisons of Jungbluth & Heirophant to name few. In Australia it seems the crust/black wave is yet to sufficiently break over the collective heavy music scene’s remains an untamed and untapped strain of aggressive and heavy music. Adding ‘SVENGALI’ to other gems such as the releases from Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf T-shirt and Diploid’s fantastic full length from earlier this year, I think the future is looking pretty good for crust/grind/blackened whatever in Australia.

Big ups to Art As Catharsis for bringing this to the fray! Another standout release from them.

 Go follow them, click and listen, download .. all of that!


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