The Sinking Teeth – Songs From The Bottom Of The Lake


Intelligent post-punk/rock that is equally full of riffs and anthems. Play it loud.

This was a highly anticipated release for me, since I’ve been following the bands exploits for a while now. I first picked up their White Water’ EP mere seconds after watching them perform for the first time supporting Luca Brasi at the Corner Hotel (Melbourne) years back. They killed it. The EP on sale that night however .. didn’t really do em justice. I had hoped that with their album in the works, that the energy and angst, weight and impact of their music might be better represented on future records.’s safe to say they did it.

‘Good Greif’ starts things off big and strong. Lifted as a single this track is a fantastic introduction to the album. The opening drum lick and fills are clever and grabs attention right away. The guitar sounds are big and reminiscent of Shihad’s thick-and-in-your-face noise but there’s a bit less distortion and whole lot more tone. Guitar nerds will enjoy how this album sounds. The hook line ‘this is how / we live our lives’ is going to go down a treat in a live setting.

I adore the snarling bass line that starts ‘Salt and Stitches’ bringing to memory moments of Muses’s better albums. The album cover itself features a ‘Big Muff’ pedal partially embedded in a cube of ice. Needless to say there’s some serious grit and dirt to be found on each track and it’s great to hear a bass so prominent in the mix. The parts are mostly complimentary and at other times essential to what’s going on but honestly it’s just refreshing to literally hear bass..and a guitar..and drums. Not layers of synths, pedals, overdubs and parts. They’re all fun and fine mind you, but for what The Sinking Teeth are doing..this is how they sound best.

‘Pavement’ was a single lifted off the album as well. Easily an album highlight if not for it’s catchy chorus and vocal melodies..there’s heaps of great tempo shifts, glitchy sounds and surprises. “We love it all the same, it’s in our blood it’s in our veins’. Home town pride right there. Easy pick for favorite track personally.

There’s a range of punk influence in the same way that other Melbounre bands like Blueline Medic or Smith Street Band have employed it but avoid embodying that sound quite entirely. So fans of one sound will relate, people who enjoy solid indie rock or melodic not quite-hardcore will enjoy it too.

The chorus of Heavy Rage ‘If I play my cards right, we might make it through another night’ feels like a sincere reflection on a relationship. It starts less enthusiastically than the other tracks and actually draws more energy from the sombre lyrics and melancholic chords. Was not expecting that.

‘Bad Blood’ brings it back to tricks, stops and starts and the screaming/yelling you come to expect. The entertaining breaks and meaty riffs that come to play in the song closer are so satisfying..i only wish they had stretched it out just a few bar more.

‘The Bottom Of The Lake’ is a creeper. Its soft vocals and picked guitar sounding not unlike something form the last Tool album. The hook ‘I am / just another man stuck in the chain’ brings back a fully fledged riff fest and it’s obvious that The Sinking Teeth are not interested in dwelling too long in slow jams and deep cuts. They Make every hit count, every song a statement and every riff a standout.

There’s a lot to enjoy here and this album was well worth the wait!

If you enjoy music from bands like The Bronx, Royal Blood, Muse (when they were good), or locals like Paper Arms, Luca Brasi, Blueline Medic…then what the hell are you even doing with your life? Go get this thing.

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