TV Telepath – I Won True Love On A Gameshow (2016)


I’m adding TV Telepath to my list of contenders. This is sick.

Melbourne has it’s share of post-rock and prog bands. Each new artist that arises seems to have a unique spin on the formula and adds to the breadth of our little corner of the scene. Australia on a larger scale has the worlds respect and attention for some of the outstanding music that’s been produced of late. So it should be no surprise …really… to hear another one pop up.

As I sift through the material on their debut EP “I won true love on a gameshow’ I have to remind myself that this is just a three piece outfit. The tones and range of sounds they employ here at masterfully done and gives the illusion of there being a lot more going on than perhaps there really is.

Certainly there is some studio trickery at work and fair enough too…overdubs and layering are a time honored tradition but the impression I get on TV Telepath’s stuff is that what you hear is essentially what you’ll get at a show.

Front man Thomas has a voice that stands apart from the bands style. If I read in a bio or press release somewhere that this guy used to front a Silverchair or Nirvana cover believe it. In fact I’d applaud the effort because his vocals are a real ringer for a certain cardigan wearing negative creep. Whilst that may not be a welcome comparison (depending on if you like the bands or not) it fits and a post-rock band like this needs at least one thing to standout from the rising tide of names and albums we are being blessed with. For TV Telepath .. this is that element.

It’s a 6 track EP, songs don’t go for much over 3-4 minutes. The up’s and downs come frequently as post-rock acts tend to do and the subtle prog influences keep the band busy at times.

The highlight of the ep for me was the short instrumental ‘Home’ that flows directly in to ‘Sam Quinten’ which uses some great bass and drum grooves to lock in a pattern as the guitar riffs and noodles over the top.

Lead single ‘The Millionaires Grin’ might not have been the best choice for a song to introduce people to the band as its opening drone and drum loop give away absolutely nothing as to the strengths of the band. It’s a solid song on its own, better yet in the context of the EP but if I was to suggest starting anywhere.. it’s the Home/Sam Quinten combo all the way.

The closing and title track on the release is a subdued affair full of soft singing and reverb laden guitars. The build up takes everything up to a stratospheric place and the feedback, noises and droning all get a bit Sonic Youth-ish. Worth it.

So in closing.. this is a great start, a sold selection of songs that flow together really well. The recording is well up to par with others and sounds pretty decent even at low volume through shitty headphones. Credit where it’s due, the production is on point.

TV Telepath pack a somber punch into their grunge and an awful lot of melancholy in their post-rock. Could be a real one to watch next year because this is fantastic.

Go check it out at:

Watch the vid for ‘The Millionaires Grin‘ here:


One thought on “TV Telepath – I Won True Love On A Gameshow (2016)”

  1. “gives the illusion of there being a lot more going on that perhaps there really is.” this is great

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