He Danced Ivy – The Verbal Kind (2016)


‘The Verbal Kind’ is the impressive debut album by Brisbane Punk/Prog 4 Piece ‘He Danced Ivy’. A different type of band for a different type of heavy music fan.

Intro track “You can’t trust a Barber” begins with a soundscape reminiscent of Sweeney Todd, which makes a lot of sense really, before smashing into Title Track “The Verbal Kind”. This track is raw and full of energy reminding me sonically of Pennywise, Bungle, Jeff Buckley through to Karnivool circa Sound Awake and everything in between. Essentially it sounds like being on a rollercoaster.

Throughout this album the sounds weave between ambient atmospheric to huge crushing walls of guitar throughout an assault of Solid Rock Grooves.

Over all “The Verbal Kind” sounds awesome, with great use of vocal layering to accompany Dave Cheney’s already strong Melodic presence. The album ticks all the boxes for a good solid debut, wonderful musicality, great riffs, and some really strong song writing.

Definitely would recommend to lovers of the Alt Rock Genre and look forward to seeing them live.

Keep an eye out for their next tour.

The Verbal Kind – is Available on iTunes

Or bandcamp…


And some free stuff over at Unearthed:


And…follow em on facey:


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