Shutup Shutup Shutup – Back To The Start (EP) 2016


3 guys, 5 songs, 15 minutes of rock and roll you won’t regret.

It’s fast and snappy, witty and sharp. I like it. Punk rock delivered in a decidedly Australian manner thankfully avoiding the pitfalls of the often rehashed American/pop-punk/hardcore strain. It can often be a grave misstep for bands because we as a culture tend to just wanna rip into anyone stepping up or out of the norm. We’ll make criticisms like ‘oh they sound too okka’ or ‘they’re trying to be an aussie version of xxxx band’. Well this band have an attack and energy that reminds me of The Bronx and The Nation Blue.

With scathing lyrics like ‘I bet your dads so proud his money bought what your talent could never allow’ (Rich Kids) taking a decent stab at the advantages given to people with money, the band don’t mince words. Admittedly the vocals are very repetitive and patterned which will ensure that the essential bits are firmly embedded in your head. It wears on the nerves quickly though and might effect the replay value. A little more creativity in the future would be welcomed and some of the best of what they do on the EP is in the spoken word passages that are littered about the songs.

‘My Friends’ is a funny track if not for the ridiculous “All my friends are better than your friends” chant but that retarded break down in between the chorus and bridge where the guitar fumbles awkwardly and the drums sound like they’re being played by a drunk toddler…and then it all snaps back into full throttle-mode. Well played lads..well played.

The repeated chant of “Win the streets you win the war” on ‘Always Gold’ is an ear worm that will get stuck in your head for ages. The attitude and urgency of this simple mantra might be exactly the kind of ingredient needed to make a live show all the more memorable.

The band has a simple line-up of drums/bass/guitar and a lot of yelling. It’s simple and unashamedly raw. The production is pretty modest and left a bit to be desired but could also be an extension of some punk ethos? The sounds are all there and I can only imagine they’d be a great act to see live. The lead song ‘My Friends’ is up on Unearthed, go give it a spin and keep an eye peeled for the EP when it drops!

EP is up for pre-order and another track ‘The Spit’ is there for a listen!

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