Aburden – Face to Face (single) 2016


‘Aburden’ are a relatively new bunch from Melbourne. This is their first offering of talking/yelling and poetry set to a melodic post-hardcore soundtrack.

The music essentially broods around a few chords, some lovely reverb laden guitars twinkling and noodling away. It’s easy to imagine this without any vocals and being packaged as a decent post-rock outfit. The heavy..or hardened part of the band comes in the form of yelled/screamed vocals that enter and depart the mix as per need. There’s some build and lift given to the piece just by using this dynamic. It works well and id suggest there’s going to be some very cool stuff out of this group in the near future. As a first taste, I can safely say my interest has been piqued.

The words tend to rush past rather quickly (in parts) and makes it tricky to get a good picture of what the story is about. Enough gets through to suggest it’s all personal heartfelt reflections. Whilst that’s all very well and good for the ‘sound’ they’re going for, I’d pay to hear something a little more important or worth hearing..say for example.. a song about social issues, policy, immigration, injustice. Aka real world stuff. I’m not criticizing their content per se’ but I’m not getting anything from listening to a guy sing/talk about a bunch of ambiguous stuff that I have little insight to…and in all fairness probably means a lot to him. Just seems like there’s a profoundly opportune platform here from which they could really get some shit happening.

Having said that, I still look forward to what else they come up with because there is a welcome spot for bands with imagination and the balls to take some risks.

If this is hitting your ear holes for the first time and you find yourself thinking ‘wow this is new/original’ etc no it isn’t. Bands have been doing this stuff for ages… especially in the post-hardcore clique. Where these guys shift the needle a little is in the way they don’t frame these spoken word passages with a verse & chorus..they just cut them out entirely. Rather than building up to a certain section in a song where this is the crescendo moment..they just start there and boldly go further. I think it’s cool but not without it’s flaws. So what.

It’s up for free over at Unearthed, I suggest people go have a listen and see what they think. Chuck em a review, follow the group on facebook and let’s see what comes next shall we?



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