Spectral Fires – Wayfarer (EP) 2016


What a jam.

Melbourne based outfit Spectral Fires have burst on to the scene-radar with this energetic and urgent collection of tracks titled ‘Wayfarer’. This EP will immediately find ground with fans of bands like Touche Amore, Trophy Eyes, Pianos Become The Teeth etc for its use of high octane drumming and guitar work, combined signing and screaming vocal delivery and melodic approach.

It’s a cool combination of that fast paced stress of post-hardcore/screamo and pop-punk that really gets me into bands like this. It’s harsh and heavy when it needs to be but only to a point. Interestingly the Spectral Fires have crafted a sound for themselves that doesn’t necessarily lean on ‘heavy band’ tricks to achieve its weightiness. A big component of that ‘weight’ rests with the lyrics which feel very emotional and personal.

It’s also quite melodic work and catchy in other area’s due largely to the sung vocals which get the hooky/choruses across contrasting nicely against the unrelenting aggression. Whilst not exactly a pop-punk band, I can hear the links quite clearly as I’m sure many others will but do not let that put you off.

This EP of 6 songs has a lot of great moments within and each track explores a different facet of the bands influences and idea’s that will reward listeners for investing their time. It might just be my old ears but…id call this a mix between The Nation Blue and Blink 182 and I love it.

I can’t get past the absolute knock-out track that opens this whole EP up titled ‘New Resolve’. It’s outstanding. See the clip below for the tune..and prepare yourself the hook at the end: If it takes my whole life I will make amends; I’m pledging it daily with paper and pen.”


Follow the links to get more info..

Firstly..go make friends:


Pre-order the EP here:


Check out their older stuff here:


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