The Woman You saw is The Great City That Rules Over The Kings of The Earth – I Will Survive Failure

For today’s review, we have a submission from a group by the name of The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth. The album is a mixture of a really broad variety of influences. Twinkly math rock elements, anthemic Have Heart style melo hardcore, metal tuffness and a variety of unspoken influences from more various music realms that I can only guess at. For their third release I will Survive Failure, the band seems to have really upped the production and writing after their last release (My Heart Has Two Sides) and it pays off quite well.

So right off the bat, i’m not particularly a fan of a lot of metalcore stuff, at all. This release however, while it clearly carries a torch for those root sounds from metalcore and djent bands of the past decade. It definitely draws from a lot of other stuff (in and out of the hardcore genre) to make something much more personal and interesting. Whilst you may come accross twinkle session on guitars or gutterals, You’ll also equally hear sections with disjointed screaming over basslines that bring to mind much more chaotic mathy sounds. Now I mean, there is an argument to be made that anyone in a less artistic genre platform can borrow from the past century of fringe music to “spice up their music” and metalcore bands using the blueprints of mathcore or noisier hardcore in this day and age is really common.

Just look at the influx of bands citing dillinger/converge as their biggest influence or the wave of bands referencing late 90s Skramz, all in the hopes of acheiving a variety of things, but likely striving for more personal and artistic integrity. But on “The Woman You Saw” This seems like it’s worth a different discussion altogether. The release not only takes the ambition to flow in from one musical universe to the next, but it does so in just such a well executed way and honestly  I’m in awe of the how seamless the writing exists in such a rarely traversed territory for bands in hardcore. Fans of this type of sound should definitely take note of this album for its sheer level of ambition.

This album gives the vibe that it’s largely creatively directed by one or two incessantly creative people, and this is just a hunch but I get the feeling that a lot of it was spawned in digital realms with people smashing out their respective parts in a pc,  and bouncing everything around via WeTransfer and meticulously working on it until they have a final finished product.

Now obviously, when people are working with home recording interfaces and much more of the emphasis is put on the mixing production than the capturing of a raw whole groups energy, it is a different space to the highly romanticised band going to a studio making a record atmosphere. However, this should not be seen in anything other than an utterly positive light. Not to say this release is the same level of in the box as something like cloudkicker, but there is something so modern and exciting about the idea of people being able to piece together and gestate music without the limits of older musical paradigms. The creativity and work ethic on display is a testament to what clever passionate people can acheive in this day and age and as we’ve already seen with the revered status of home recorded black metal, or the rise of artists on Enemies List Recordings (like Have a Nice Life and Planning For Burial) People can truly connect with what these records transmit when they allow themselves because of the underlying genius and personally driven ideas on those albums.

So take the time to listen to this, and while you do, take the time to appreciate that you exist in a time where you can pretty much do anything you want in the creative world.

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