DIYFS – Greyscale Records


Have you ever wondered why some bands go unnoticed or unsigned despite your firm belief that they are actually freaking awesome and deserving of some kind of leg –up? Ever been to a show and seen an artist who just blew you away..only to learn that no body is helping put out their music? Ash and Josh did. So they started Greyscale Records.

Ash has cut his teeth running punk & hardcore shows across Melbourne since he was too young to attend pub gigs. Working with a who’s-who of the scene and industry, he’s now one of the team behind the tour de-force that is ‘Destroyalllines’. This young overachiever is also one half of the new Melbourne based independent label Greyscale Records. Sometimes you can’t wait on the sidelines hoping someone else is going to pick up on what you’re seeing, you have to do it yourself.

Tell us about Grey Scale…what’s it about? Who’s working with you on it? So Greyscale Records is an Australian record label located in Melbourne with a DIY attitude and major aspirations. The label is the brainchild of myself & Joshua Merriel.

What gave you the idea to start a label? Weren’t you booking bands and running shows before this? 

Heaps of people were mentioning to me that I should start up a label, so I went to Josh with an idea and we caught up, sort of a joke at first and we talked out the idea of starting up the label and we were both like “yep, we have something cool here”. With the Australian music scene, there isn’t heaps of labels in our ‘hardcore / metal scene’ for those smaller growing acts outside of UNFD & Resist Records so we knew it was the perfect opportunity for us to give it a fair crack! I am still running shows on the side and working for Destroy All Lines full time in the touring department, this label is something just extra icing on the cake for myself & Josh.


When you were thinking about launching a label .. what made you choose Our Past Days’ to begin with? Was there any key reason to go with them over the many other artists out there who would have been up for it?

I went to the Corner Hotel to catch Our Past Day’s support The Wonder Years & Knuckle Puck. After the show I was chatting with Mikey their guitarist just about their album and what’s next for them and he mentioned they had no one to release it and everything just fell into place so perfectly. They were ready to release their debut album, we were looking for our first signing & release and it just all clicked. Nothing was really forced, just happened all really naturally and the guys in OPD really liked the idea about jumping on board to a new DIY label.


So bigger labels are always concerned about piracy, the majors post losses year after year as physical sales continue to decline. Does this concern you? How are you going to entice people to part with their hard earned coin?

I think illegal downloading / piracy has its pro-s and cons, if people really like the album they are going to buy it and if they don’t like it…,well they just won’t buy it. Your record may get uploaded onto a music torrent website such as itleaked, and gain some fans in USA / Europe that you may never have reached… If they download the record and like what they hear, you may have gained yourself a new dedicated fan who comes out to shows and buys a record and merch when ever you tour, if you record didn’t get uploaded to the site who knows if you would have won them over ever?

I am not an expert on any of this as its all new to me, but i think making the record exciting and really selling the product  with exclusive pre-order bundles and just being super active and engaging with marketing will help push the record. Sure record sales aren’t as high now since streaming has been brought into play on spotify & apple music, but we just need to adapt to it and push it as hard possible to make it worth it you know? questions now..first album you bought?

The first Album I bought? I can’t remember if it Blink 182 Greatest Hits, Nickleback (haha) or The Offspring greatest hits.

Last album you bought?

The last album I bought would of been Our Past Day’s ‘Keep Safe’ (Haha yes we released it) and before that probably would of been Hellions ‘Opera Oblivion’ which is a banger record from start to finish & Ambleside’s ‘Shape Me’ EP!

Fav aussie band atm?

I can’t decide out of these 3, all these bands I don’t work with!

– The Comfort from Brisbane

– Ambleside from Adelaide

– Justice For The Damned


To keep up with progress check out the sites below, follow em on facebook or visit the online store to check out the merch and release available now!

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