We Set Sail – Feel Nothing (2016)



This album is full of emotion and beauty.

Melody and movement entertain as much as the songwriting. The lyrics will move you and the sound grabs will surprise you.

‘Feel Nothing’ invokes pictures and memories in my mind of other albums whilst managing to sound current and relevant to todays top names in the emo/indie/post everything music scene. In short: this is a standout album.

I’ll admit my bias right now: Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Get Up Kids fan right here. Big time. So when the opening tracks of ‘Feel Nothing’ played out it was an instant hit for me and the songs that followed would only serve to cement my opinion.

‘Animal, Mineral Vegetable’ is an easy start with it’s big guitars and simple structure but it isn’t until the 2 minute mark when the line ‘You’re like a wave/You’re like wave’ begins to loop, adding layers with each turn, growing intensity and harmonies join until the band reaches a peek moment and then rides it out. That’s when the gold begins to shine.

In the middle of the second track ‘This Machine Destroys Everything!’ there is this crazy (almost) out of control guitar feeding back and squealing away as the band smashes the progression out. It all simmers down to a crawl with the bass holding the line and another movie clip comes in, acoustic guitar follows with a little vocal interlude before launching off into a massive rock out ending. It’s exactly these kind of dynamics which will impress more than any hooks or catchy lines they’ve crafted.

The entire album is littered with grabs/samples from films (which in it’s own would make a fun game of trying to identify each clip and it’s origins!) and this element adds a little novelty to the package. Overall production is superb too. The guitars sound thick, full and sit just right in the mix whilst the drums range from live and roomy to quiet and subtle. Some measure of time (read: money) has been spent to make these sounds all work. Each rise and fall, effect and layers works to build or compliment the song and nothing feels forced or over the top.

Track #3 ‘Snails’ has an un-mistakeable ‘Drugs and Money’ sound to it (look up Ammonia, great oz band from way back). The main riff will stick with you for ages afterwards.

‘Reminders Written On Maps’ is a melancholic slow jam that stood out above the over tracks for its epic scope and huge emotive energy. A combination of singing and screaming/yelling adds impact and the stop-start breaks in the middle of the Weezer breakdown towards the end are just fabulous. Watch the clip:

‘Understanding This Is Not A Car Crash’ (surely a nod to Thursday?) brings the ambient lullaby magic of post rock to the table in a wonderful way. The vocals both high and low create a contrast for the key lines in the verse and highlight the key parts as the mood slowly builds to a big rock-out ending. The shift from twinkly reverb laden guitars to full driven chords is gradual but effective.

I could go on about each track and what makes this all so good, but to do so would be to take away the fun of experiencing it yourself. The last song on the album ‘Polly Molly’ was a tearjerker. The sadness, the vulnerability of the songwriter and the purely crushing lyrics were just amazing. Few bands have managed to conjure such strong feelings in me as I listen to their material but ‘We Set Sail’ can have the mantle. I was close to tears.

This was an absolute gem and the attention to detail and craft has not gone unnoticed. The band have worked hard to produce and release this themselves proving that the DIY ethic is still well and truly alive and kicking!

Do not sleep on this. Follow the links below to check it out, have a listen and keep up to date with the bands adventures.








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