Wartime Sweethearts – So Long Sparta (2016)


When this fell into my lap I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.
However I’m glad that it did and if first single “Figure it in, figure it out” from Sydney Experimental Pop Artist Wartime Sweethearts is anything to go by, the rest was going to be a treat.

Closing my eyes I am instantly transported somewhere otherworldly.
With orchestral ambient soundscapes and amazingly crafted songs, I really enjoyed the textural play used in each piece to really take the listener on a journey.

I find myself realising just how long it has been since I have come across a local artist that has really captured my imagination in quite this way.

This is one of those albums that I can wholeheartedly say was a total immersive and thoroughly satisfying listening experience from start to finish.

I very much look forward to hearing it live and intend to listen to this for years to come.

For fans of Imogen Heap and others of the experimental genre, It is definitely worth a spin, I would recommend this to any body really.

“So Long Sparta” is the second album by Louise Nutting aka Wartime Sweethearts and is available for Preorder from www.wartimesweethearts.com through Art As Catharsis Records.

Check it here: https://artascatharsis.bandcamp.com/album/so-long-sparta

Sydney siders, head down to venue505 October 8th for the Launch.


Also playing 5th November at NICEFEST 2016 at The Chippendale Hotel alongside Tangents, A Lonely Crowd, Instrumental (adj.) and many more.


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