Crusch – Self/Centered 7″ (2016)

7″ vinyl w/ bonus digital track

Melbourne based newcomers ‘Crusch’ have a debut 7” coming out on Hobbeldehoy Records. They sound like a combination between fellow locals ‘Ceres’ and Something For Kate (but in their earlier years).

Do I love it? Yes. Yes I do.

The lead track and introductory song ‘Card Over The Bar’ is full of indie melancholy and jangly guitars. It’s a deliciously gloomy song and the haunting tag line ‘how can I get better’ gives off all the right kind of sad-vibes. No screaming, hoarse or strained vocals…just well delivered melodies and some tasteful harmonies and bv’s.

Whilst the track never lifts off into the full blown rock monster it teases at, ‘Card Over The Bar’ reaches it’s heights through subtle stops and tasteful guitar work to create anticipation for what comes next. The changes between strumming and picking, the way the singing goes from up-front to distant, drums switching from crashes to rimshots or building tom hits etc. They really have their heads around dynamics.

Side B is titled ‘Dog’ sounds like it belongs to any one of the indie/melancholy artists from the Melbourne indie scene 15-20 years ago. If this old-becomes-new again thing is in full swing…then we are in for some real treats. “Your hands / drag me / And everything you do / takes away the light” feels like its ripped from the pages of a diary. It feels personal and yet relatable. It’s another mid paced sad-jam with lots of guitar and a bit more energy than the first.

This might be the thing which draws them apart, the emotive/vulnerable songs and understated rock band behind them. After hearing these two tracks I instantly want more. Its grey, windy and wet outside.. this is just the right kind of music for these kind of days.

There is a 3rd track.. a digital only release titled ‘Ender’ that comes with the purchase..consider it an incentive to get behind the physical release.

Order it here:

Check the lead track ‘Card Over the Bar’ here:

Find them on facebook here:



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