Diploid – Is God Up There? (2016)


11 songs of furious, manic and urgent music in the vein of blackened hardcore/crust brought to you by the bright sparks at Life.Lair.Regret / Art As Catharsis.

In parts it is utterly relentless and in others…the balance between dissonance and melody is struck with near perfection.

The shorter songs (one minute long or less!) like ‘Wuornos’, ‘Until Im More’ and ‘In the Toybox’ have all the extreme blasts and blackmetal-ish guitar associated with powerviolence and crust bands whereas the bulkier tracks (meaning they go for longer than a minute!) such as ‘Barrels’ and the post-rock flavoured instrumental ‘People Like Hayley’ incorporate more melody, different guitar sounds and dynamics. There’s fair amount of variety and diversity in the material found on this album which surprised me quite a bit and left me impressed.

Diploid make great use of the dual vocal approach and the contrast between male and female screams has never sounded so at home. This is brutal and brilliant.


There’s a great moment worth mentioning on the album in between track 8 ‘Corrections’ and track 9 ‘I Don’t Remember Your Face Anymore’ where Mariam can be heard breathing..huffing..as one song ends and the next begins. It’s all quiet and the sound of her breath lures the listener into a false calm. That is until the guitar being gently picked is layered upon with distorted screams and ambient noise, drums seemingly bubbling over with what sounds like free-jazz. It erupts in a cacophonous barrage of white noise and static and cuts to silence. (*insert shivers)

At this point I’m convinced Is God Up There’ may be one of the best local releases I’ve heard all year.

The closing and title track is 1 minute of guitar and bass droning through a few notes and then 43 minutes of a speaker addressing a group of people talking about..well..some pretty horrible things. I wont spoilt it for you but I will say that it follows the theme of the album which looks at people, their actions and what lasting legacies can be left in their wake.

Strap your self in. This is solid, heavy, dark and moody.

Pre-orders are up now ..there’s one song up to check out now with the rest to follow soon!

Bonus points awarded for recording it at Reece’s parents house. That’s legit.



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