Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf T-shirt – Accord/Dance (Art as Catharsis) 2016


The band with the most amazing name has returned to smash us all with an onslaught of grind/hardcore in the form of a new EP titled ‘Accord/Dance’ released by the clever heads at Art As Catharsis.

With members of this NSW powerhouse outfit being involved in other projects (see Kurushimi & The Phosphorus Bombs) it’s a wonder they’ve managed to make time to release this little chunk of noise for us. The bands last release was only in September last year in a split with Jxcklxlz. (also on Art As Catharsis)

This is crazy fun music for fans of grind/powerviolence/hardcore. If that description is lost on you…then you might want to keep walking when approaching FGWMWS.

Its gritty, raw, fast and generally pissed off to a highly venomous level.

First thing to notice is how there are less blast beats than on previous material and it seems maybe more consideration was given to song structure and dynamics this time.

The opening track ‘Other’ showcases this best. A frantic clean guitar strums on its own and a snare roll leads into double time punk and borderline skramz territory. The band have some melodic chords at work and the pace comes back a bit for a slower ending. Wait for the chorus/chants at the end: ‘We’re all following death but for now…we’re all descending on death but for now.. we abuse!’ This is bound to be screamed back at them by audiences.

Special mention goes out to the crazy prog riff and sax solo that starts track #2 ‘Cease’. Blasts and screams follow.. an unexpected jazzy stop.. then more intensity. It’s all over in a minute. <insert smile emoji here>

Test Pattern’ has a huge stoner/doom vibe to it but that all follows from the breakneck intensity established over the first minute. Gears change half way and then things get slower and heavier which suggests the band may be just as interested in arrangements and building tension as they are at bringing intensity and energy. Easily an EP highlight for its diversity and overall impact.

Whilst listening to this EP I’m reminded of Orchid, Botch and even The Refused..just a tad. There’s a lot to enjoy here, I highly recommend it for anyone into this scene and its protagonists…or for anyone may be interested in forms or heavy music dancing on the fringes of social commentary and angry art.

Free download too…bonus!



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