Self Talk – Seeing What I Want To See (2016)



5 piece indie-pop outfit from Melbourne ‘Self Talk’ have the hooks, energy and idea’s to bring a welcome burst of brightness to your gloomy winter days.

Comprised of members from Ceres and Skyways Are Highways, this isn’t their first rodeo and with a line-up this strong you know it’s be good.

Admittedly this isn’t all happy uplifting material. There is some depth and personal reflection going on with the lyrics that carries some melancholy…it’s the overall delivery more so than the individual elements on their own that makes this so enjoyable to listen to.

Front woman Stacey Cicivelli has an immediately identifiable sound about her. The vocal production uses a lot of doubling and layers that aren’t quite perfect and so gives this band a sort of rowdy and youthful vibe that suits their style quite well. In short…there’s no auto-tune to be heard. Tick.

The EP is 5 tracks, recorded locally and mixed rather modestly. Id have to guess the rough and real sound they’ve applied here is an attempt to set a reasonably truthful representation of the band..rather than a polished ‘best version’ as some others would attempt. That isn’t to say it’s lo-fi…far from it…it’s live and full.

Guitars are bright and well balanced, drums sound live and at times get a bit buried under the layers of sounds, synth sits up front and on top.. but at times..seems to be competing with the band rather than complimenting it.

With that being said the songs range quiet a bit from the busier synth driven power-pop with oodles of jangly guitars such as the opener ‘Hypocrite’ to the more reserved and quieter songs that take their time and have more room to breathe like the pretty track #4 ‘Untitled’.

There’s a lot to like here and I’d bet with the current crop of female led indie/pop/rock artists rising out of Melbourne at the moment.. this is a well timed effort and a welcome one.





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