Save the Clock Tower – The Familiar The Decay (2016)

Save The Clock Tower - The Familiar  The Decay - Artwork


We previously talked about the title track from Save The Clocktower’s album ‘The Familiar The Decay’ with all the elements it uses, sounds and anticipated appeal to fans of the current metalcore market.

Digging a little deeper into this album shows the band approaching a range of familiar idea’s with new angles and tricks. If nothing else there are some fresh attempts at ageing idea’s and that’s a welcome thing for people wanting something new.

For me, I’ve heard it before. The round-the-block approach to what is easily identifiable and will sell (aka heavy bit.catchy bit, scream a bit, sing a bit) and throw crowds into a frenzy at shows. Make no mistake, this will set crowds alight and despite my lack of enthusiasm…it will indeed make some waves for it’s sheer gargantuan mosh-appeal.

Production is high calibre, the performances are on point. The hooks are strong and the riffs are massive.

Track #9 ‘Here, Abandon’ is the shining beacon of hope amongst the rather intense and somewhat forgettable blur of aggressive and unrelenting attacks that come before it.

This broody and dark piece begins with softly whispered vocals against a static ambient white noise ‘I have felt you/where have you been?’ It’s obvious this is the ‘the different track’ right from the start.

“I am the snake making my way through your oesophagus, shedding my skin to weaken your larynx covered in vomit and shit” is not the most challenging lyric to sit through in this song, but sets the tone of what’s to come. Slower and darker, morbid and heavy..this song oozes creep factor and rallies up anticipation for a big finish which is crushingly huge and totally satisfying. The song is kind of uncomfortable, a little weird and bloody brilliant. Standout moment by miles. More of this….give us more of this filth and hate…this is brutal!

This is where the band is at it’s strongest..taking risks and pushing idea’s forward. This alone is reason enough to follow the band and keep an eye on what might come next. The bulk of the material on ‘The Familiar The Decay’ is strong and energetic but ultimately wasn’t enough for me to stay engaged..well..until.. track #9 which is a little late in the game. A great album, one the band should be very proud of. One that fans of the sound should check out and wrap their ear holes around.. make up your own mind!

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