Save the CLock Tower -The Familiar Decay (single) 2016

Save The Clock Tower - The Familiar  The Decay - Artwork

Hailing from the serene riverside of Launceston, Save the Clock Tower is an energetic 5 piece playing a mix of all of your favourite sounds to create their own blend of heavy yet melodic metal-core. With the truly top notch production apparently being handled by the same guy (Andreas Magnusson) behind releases from bands such as Born of Osiris and The Black Dahlia Murder, this music sits comfortably in the realms it seems to aspire to around bands such as Amity Affliction and Dream on Dreamer.

The subject of this review is the second single off of their upcoming sophomore release “The Familiar / The Decay” called “the Familiar Decay”. It starts with a lone, sweetly piano before quickly springing into action with what could be referred to as anthemic drumming, huge guitars and a soaring chorus.

So.. sonically what’s on offer is less of the technicality or breakdown driven sounds so synonymous of this music and more a focus on balancing melody with aggression. Since earlier in the decade anyone paying attention to that world would have noticed a point where naturally people diverted away from that root metal-core sound and whilst some bands went into the more complex or aggressive metallic territories, others blended focused on a more direct and melodic approach akin to late 90s punk bands. This band is definitely in the latter category, with a delivery that seems pretty heartfelt and focused.

So if the single is any indication of the record as a whole, fans of this style of music are likely to be grinning from ear to spacered ear. The record comes out at the beginning of July so be sure to keep an eye out, they’re also on a national tour now so be sure to catch them when they come to your town.


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