Dream Architecture – self titled (2016)



The debut EP from this new Melbourne based outfit is a showcase of colours and sound over 5 tracks.

Dream Architecture have a less aggressive take on post/prog-rock than others but still manage to keep things interesting and fresh. It’s a relaxed and subtle affair to begin with. The band takes their time setting up each song with spacious arrangements and beautiful instrumentation.

Sounding their best when the band is doing less such as the on opening track ‘Textures’, the reverb and effects enhance the beautiful tones achieved between all the players here. The third track ‘Aroma’ is another good example of dynamics and use of different guitar tones. A tasteful solo/lead break comes in at the end and shows another side of their playing whilst complimenting the song.

The closing track ‘Pictures’ takes the listener on a journey with a gentle start, building up and up to a crescendo of harmonies and syncopated drums and winding guitars, booming verbs and energy. Absolutely awesome.

Vocal work is confident and understated at times, a few well placed backing vocals and harmonies to add layers. It’s perfectly suited to this type of music being melodic and un-abrasive. Ash’s delivery is never overpowering or over the top staying well within range which feels mature and deliberate.

There is a lot of depth to this release and will reward listeners with each return. Its quite easily a standout release for this style and a band I will be keeping my eye on.





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