Harbours – Nothing Stays The Same (2016)


Harbours – Nothing Stays The Same (2016)

Harbours latest offering is jam packed full of big hitting melodic numbers not unlike their earlier material..this time it’s darker, deeper and much much more.

Opening track ‘Is this what you wanted?’ is the perfect way to kick things off. The song only goes for 2 minutes and goes hard with huge guitars and fast drums matching a commanding vocal performance. What a way to get started!

‘Pulling Teeth’ and ‘Take Me Under’ have a much less urgent feel to them but offer more depth and variety in the songwriting. There’s a bit of Taking Back Sunday/Basement vibe to the bands approach here and it serves them well. Vocally Tory is as strong and melodic as ever. Whilst not quite screaming or anything like that, he achieves an intense and passionate delivery which honestly steals the show for me. See the video below for ‘Pulling Teeth’.

‘Codeine Dream’ is a great little cool-down moment in the middle of the EP which feels really well placed. It’s simply some reverb laden guitars strumming and picking a few chords and not much more. It’s a lull that feels like it was deliberately positioned to maximise the impact of the following track ‘Your Eyes’.

When the massive guitars pull back they reveal tight and clear bass work driving beneath them. As is often the case the bass does a good job in it’s supporting role but never gets to shine. It’s something that could be improved but isn’t exactly a flaw.

The space and ambience of the acoustic guitars which introduce the title track ‘Nothing Stays The Same’ show the bands growth and willingness to step out from behind the safety of volume and high energy playing. It’s these little things which indicate the band has had time to think this through. They’ve clearly tried a few things before settling on all these sounds and the effort has paid off.

All up, this is a fantastic collection of songs that flows together really well that has fortunately been recorded really well. Kudos goes to guitarist Sam Bassal for his work behind the desk making this thing sound so big. It’s no stretch of the imagination to think this guy could have quite a bit of work ahead for him in that domain because the mix is just spot-on.

‘Nothing Stays The Same’ feels like it could have been an album. 3 more songs and it could have been I guess? It’s more melancholic and aggressive than the earlier material released by the band and as a result ‘Harbours’ have never sounded so deliberate and intent as a band.

If you didn’t get swept up in the release hype earlier in the year..waste no time in making yourself familiar with this band now.



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