Forecast Tomorrow – Hats, Gloves and Grandfather Clocks (2015)


Forecast Tomorrow is a group from Sydney who play melodic post-rock and have some unique angles to explore on their album ‘Hats, Gloves and Grandfather Clocks’. The 4 piece took their time producing this material working on it for 2 years before getting it out in late 2015 during which time the members were all involved in other releases and projects.

The end result is a finely tuned and intricate listen which leans on the post-rock stylings associated with artists such as Solkyri, Jacob, We Lost The Sea etc…but with the inclusion of vocals and a much more driving rhythm section.

‘Hats, Gloves and Grandfather Clocks’ is an instantly engaging album wasting no time getting into the thick of it. Where some ambient/post-rock bands might build up momentum taking their time to get started, these guys have chosen a more direct approach and it pays dividends.

The opening track ‘Hats’ is a rhythmic and pulsing starter. Spacey female vocals float about sounding almost Indian or tribal. The jangly-twinkly guitars and rumbling drums do build and create anticipation for what’s to follow but with only 2 minutes on the clock you don’t have time to get lost in it.

Track #2 ‘My Mind Askew’ is a 6 minute epic that flows on seamlessly from there and introduces Stephen’s vocals nice and strong. The prog influences are easily recognisable with 6/8 time signatures and a dirty bass grinding behind them. The band is able to create a spacious atmosphere that stays interesting after the busier moments and can bring the intensity back up to near-metal levels throughout the track.

The 7 songs on ‘Hats, Gloves and Grandfather Clocks‘ are complete on their own but sound best when listened to all together. This album would make an excellent addition to any playlist that involves long drives or commutes.

I wasn’t following the lyrics or story contained within but the band has created this as a concept album complete with links between the art, word and video for the material. Clearly a lot of effort and thought went into this project and it’s definitely worth your attention.

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