Snark – Juggernauts EP (2016)


SNARK hail from Melbourne and have armed themselves with a 4 track EP that contains 3 of their own tracks and nifty little ‘Fidlar’ cover for fun.

First impressions are that of early 2000’s emo pop-punk. There..i said it.

There’s a certain teenage playfulness to this material which supports the pop-punk angle but there’s less polish and shine than perhaps some others in the same style might have applied. It could be for the better, depends on personal taste. It’s not some shoddy lo-fi garage thing..far from it.. just that all the rough edges are on display, there’s no obtusely tuned vocals or synths covering up performances. It’s just three guys..playing their stuff..loud, hard and clearly enjoying themselves!

Guitars sound pretty thick and full, bass is a little buried in the mix but when it moves away from the root note of whatever the guitar is playing.. you get the dynamic. Drums are straight forward and solid, the sounds are well done and everything sounds great.

Vocally there’s a few contributors which is great to hear..especially considering there’s only three dudes here. Some choice group vocals and back-and-forth moments really work. If you liked early Weezer, early link 182 etc etc then you’ll be all about it. A good example of this shared approached is on ‘Beaches and Shores’ which drives along at a neat pace and keeps the energy up. Probably my favorite track on this short but fun little EP.

Oh and it’s up for grabs as a pay-what-you-want-which-really-means-free offering on their bandcamp. That’s got to be more than enough incentive to give it a spin 🙂

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