OHMS – Another EP (2016)

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 3_40_18 pm

Melbourne based ‘Ohms’ have an intriguing allure to them. In short: fun, punchy jams that borrow from a late 80’s punk/‘Riot Girl’ vibe and mash it up with a strong indie/Melbourne sound. It’s bound to provoke more than a few sing-alongs and get feet tapping…maybe even provoke some kicking..??

The EP titled ‘Another EP’ is a collection of 5 songs which don’t take things too seriously but rather just get straight to the good bits nice and quickly. The attitude behind the material is largely a ‘we don’t give a f*ck’ one and anything else would probably rob the material of it’s impact. I like it.

From the high energy opener ‘Changed My Face’ where front woman Fiz is belting out “yeah i changed my face for you/it looks strange it wasn’t thought through’ (a song about plastic surgery) to the happy go lucky chorus of the last track ‘Good Thing I Got Sacked’ where the punchlines come fast and frequent..for example:

‘they say you work real hard you go real far no you just move up a floor and drive a better car / i’ve gotta go oh oh oh / good thing i got sacked’.

It’s a tongue-fimly-planted-in-cheek, hooked filled release which is all over much too soon. The fact that the whole EP is short enough to leave you wanting more and likely hitting the replay button is a good sign.

RIYL: Sleater Kinny, Hecate, Spiderbait



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