Northlane & In Hearts Wake – Equinox (2016)


This is a surprisingly fun little slab of music that borrows liberally from both bands arsenals to give us what might as well be a mashup of their best elements in three new songs. The good news: it’s actually awesome.

I use the word ‘new’ very loosely as this is essentially everything you’ve already heard a number of times by both bands across their releases. No reinventing the wheel here. If you want innovation and risk takers then look elsewhere.

The initial appeal of this project is novelty. Two big name bands working together on material to create something unlike a split EP which would feature songs by both artists. Instead they collaborated on the writing and performance to create this release but it’s hard to tell where one band begins and where another takes over..or if we’re to be honest..who is playing what and when.

All I know is that the two songs are full of meaty riffs, great vocal performances, top notch sounds and some great chorus hooks to get stuck in your head.

A beautiful ambient post-rock interlude titled ‘Equinox’ sits really well in between the two songs and balances out the material nicely. The lead in to this instrumental passage comes off the back of a spacious wind down from the opening song  ‘Refuge’ complete with washed out reverbs, twinkly guitars and percussion bringing the energy down to just the right level before moving on. It’s a highlight moment and shows that the guys behind this have considered the dynamics required to tie these pieces together without disengaging the listeners interest.

The downside to purchasing something from iTunes is you loose that info which would have been printed on artwork. In their defence there is a single sided 12” Vinyl release available to order of course. Could be worth getting to know what they’re singing and get a bit of a better understanding around the collaboration at work here.

If you like the current crop of aussie heavy bands, then this is easily worth your $5 to have a couple of gems on your phone. This would make an ideal introduction for the three people out there who still havn’t heard either or both Northlane and IHW.

Haters gonna hate so say what you will..but I think this is sick.

Needless to say there was a tour announced of the same name with the release of ‘Equinox’ ..celebrating the release. And why not? This would sound great live and the pits will go nuts for it.

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