The Sinking Teeth – Pavement (single) 2016



Melbourne based trio ‘The Sinking Teeth’ have been kicking around for a couple of years now and have just dropped a new single called ‘Pavement’ which is lifted off the bands first full length due out later this year.

Their sound has its roots in the angst of early 90’s emo and post-hardcore stuff but manages to avoid feeling derivative and generic because they sound like they’re from here. They’re singing about their home. The melodies aren’t polished and auto-tuned..rather sung with a passionate and gruff delivery. The energy is high but filled with intention rather than excitement. That’s what you get from these guys.

A comparison to ‘The Smith Street Band’ for relatable and earnest song writing fits here. Not in sound, but in the approach.

The chorus hook speaks to every-one: “we love it just the same/it’s in our blood, it’s in our veins’ speaking about the city and our shared place in it. It’s about community.

This song really captures a lot of what makes The Sinking Teeth so great in just 3 minutes. Palm muted chords, great high-hat work (and just drums in general!), pushed accents, strong riffs that lead to glitchy-blips, stop/start bits and a great use of tension in building up to those choruses. All elements come together to make a very big impression.

‘Pavement’ is a great taster for what is to come. If the rest is this good, we’ll see The Sinking Teeth making a lot of AOTY lists before long!

Listen to it here:

Go listen to the rest of their stuff here (free downloads too!):

Follow them here:

Go look at there stuff:

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