Majora – Tidal (single) 2016


Last year ‘Majora’ seemingly burst out of nowhere to deliver an amazing 6 track mini album which completely knocked our socks off. So.. anticipation levels for something new from these Newcastle lads was getting high.

Post-rock is seeing a real awakening in the broader oz-music scene’s consciousness and artists like Majora are reaping the benefits of a more open minded listener and audience.

Enter ‘Tidal’.

If you’ve heard the material on the debut ‘Iridescent’ then this may feel immediately familiar as a lot of what happened there will pass by again. What struck me about the track though was its restraint and tension.

It starts spacey and ethereal. The bass is deep and tight, sitting nicely in the pocket with the drums which sound very live and roomy. It’s a great sound!

There’s a drop roughly 2 minutes in.. it builds and swells to a point that one would expect a big post-rock explosion..but it holds off. Leaves you waiting.

When it arrives, it’s great and culminates with all the elements that have lead up to it slowly unwinding. It’s 3 minutes of expectation, a sweet crescendo and a nice come-down that just leaves me wanting to hear more. More!!

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